Jamie’s gone…time to go home!

I’m about to go on another adventure to the village, this time with Andrea!  I’m going to take the bus to her home and see where she lives, and then she’ll walk me to Gustavo’s, where I’ll spend another fun night with him and the boys and Catalina before returning to PG.  Upon return to PG, I’ll be able to see Eliza, my supervisor from last summer in Peru who is currently here in Belize!  Exciting things happening!

I’m glad for all of the fun activities, and they are the sorts of things that I’ll miss when I leave, but I also know there’s a part of me that is very ready to go home.  There are things that I’m missing about home and things that I’m definitely NOT going to miss about PG.

Things I’ll miss the most…

– Andrea!  She has become my mom here in Belize, and it’s going to stink so much not having her around with her smile and laughter and cooking skills.  I think I will miss her most of all.

– My coworker, Olivia, yelling my name every morning when I come into the office and constantly bantering with me about everything until we just crack up at ourselves.

– The sounds of the sea and the breeze on the terrace at night.

– The abundance of fresh fruits and plants here, and that everyone buys them fresh from the street market

– Having a great excuse for an afternoon nap (heat exhaustion, anyone?)

– Noemi’s beautiful smile and hysterical laughter

– The chubby, Mayan babies I see when I walk through the market

– Tortillas as a regular food item

– Belizean chocolate!

– The slowness…I’ll only miss this in certain circumstances, but I will miss what it represents…the taking of time to simply “be” and appreciate those around us

Two people whom I’ll sorely miss!

Things I won’t miss at all

– Unreliability/Belizean time – I’m so excited for people to tell me they’re going to do things and then actually do them!  YEA America!

– The roosters crowing at ridiculous hours of the day and night

– The smell of dog food that permeates most grocery stores

– The lack of enunciation…people in PG very often mumble their words or throw Creole into their conversation, and it can drive one crazy when you hang up the phone and feel like you only understood 50% of what was said even though it was in English!

– Being here without Haley, Niki, and Jamie…now that all three are gone, I feel ready to go home too so that I don’t have to miss them from another country

– The days when it’s so hot that it feels like the air is unbreathable

– The lack of organization…it’s really, really frustrating, sometimes, to see the way that tasks are completed and to want to do them so much more efficiently or effectively.  While I understand that there are many reasons, good and bad, that explain the way that Belizeans do things, it will be a relief to return to what I’m more accustomed to.

So I suppose that my departure from Belize will be bittersweet.  While I’m generally excited to go home, the things and people that I will miss have come to mean so very much to me that it will be no easy task to say goodbye.  But say goodbye I must, and I will leave with the hope of being back to visit soon.  Chocolate and Andrea are more than motivation enough!

Also, I don’t know if I emphasized enough the subject in the title of this post…JAMIE.  Jamie left yesterday, and I’m pretty super devastated about being here without her because she has come to be one of my dearest of dear friends.  The only thing keeping me going is knowing that she and I will continue to be dear friends back in the USA!


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