Off on an adventure!

In a few minutes, I’ll be heading to the bus stop with Noemi, who will put me on a bus headed for the village of her brother, Gustavo, his wife Catalina, and their three charming boys, Melvin, Nelvin (Alex), and Delvin.  I’m very excited to partake in the traditional lives of a true Belizean family, and to kill the rooster that they’ve promised me is mine for the slaughtering!  (I’m not as murderish as I sound–heh–but I have decided that, if I’m going to eat meat, I should be able to experience its killing and preparation.  It makes sense to know how my meal go to the table!)  I’m also excited to play games with the boys and to see Gustavo’s medicinal and local plant garden, which I have been told is super interesting.  Wahoo!  Expect an interesting summary upon my return!



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