Posted in July 2012

Saying Goodbye

I just got back from a lunch with the whole ProWorld staff at Miss Martina’s Kitchen, and it’s finally sinking in that I’m LEAVING.  I’m leaving this place that I have come to love and to view as another, vastly different form of “home.” I’ve seen and done many awesome things while I’ve been here, … Continue reading

Jamie’s gone…time to go home!

I’m about to go on another adventure to the village, this time with Andrea!  I’m going to take the bus to her home and see where she lives, and then she’ll walk me to Gustavo’s, where I’ll spend another fun night with him and the boys and Catalina before returning to PG.  Upon return to … Continue reading

On waste

For the last 2+ months here in Belize, I’ve been humbled many times for certain “American” tendencies that exist in stark contrast to Belizean norms and habits.  It’s difficult to see my own weaknesses magnified in the context of another country, but I am ultimately thankful, because without realizing that change is necessary, it’s unlikely … Continue reading

The Challenge of Seeing Jesus

One of the biggest challenges that I face while traveling, and even at home in the US, is meeting the challenge that Jesus sets before us when he says, “‘I’m telling the solemn truth: Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me—you did it to me’” (Matthew 25:50, … Continue reading


Well hello there, everyone!  Happy Monday Tuesday! For the last, oh, four hours, I’ve been attempting to find a way to transmit my chicken murder video and a few other choice clips to the  masses, but the process has been futile and frustrating.  Luckily, in a moment of awesomeness, YouTube served me well by fully … Continue reading

Garifuna Mass

Happy Sunday, everyone! This morning, Jamie and I went to mass at St. Peter Claver together, and were both surprised to learn that we would be attending the Garifuna service, which is apparently held on the second Sunday of each month.  While the spoken responses were all the same, the Garifuna mass is characterized by … Continue reading

I KILLED A ROOSTER…and other highlights

Hey there friends! I have much to report, and I’ve gotten a tad behind due to the lovely distraction of a visitor from Cayo!  Brian’s friend Nicole, a fellow JMU-er and Young Life participant, is here in PG for a weekend, and we’ve been having lots of fun getting to know each other and hanging … Continue reading

Off on an adventure!

In a few minutes, I’ll be heading to the bus stop with Noemi, who will put me on a bus headed for the village of her brother, Gustavo, his wife Catalina, and their three charming boys, Melvin, Nelvin (Alex), and Delvin.  I’m very excited to partake in the traditional lives of a true Belizean family, … Continue reading