A Guest Blog from Paul Whitman


This is Paul Whitman, the patriarch of the Whiman family.  How happy I am to be here with my beautiful wife Eileen and are four neat children.  I am truly a lucky man.  In our three days, we have done much!  The first day, we took a long beautiful boat ride across the Caribbean Sea and then up a river to a ProWorld site where we assisted in clearing some land for a sustainable farm thingamajig.  We worked for a short while but accomplished much, including personally meeting every mosquito in Belize.  On Day two, we had an awesome day!  We hired Captain Neville and first mate Johnny to take us on a boat trip.  First, we stopped and gathered some bait, and then went fishing and caught a bunch of red snapper. (Julie Whitman leading the way with five fish!)  We then went snorkeling off the coast of a tiny island, and it was incredible.  It was cut short by a shark sighting, (no kidding).  We then went up on the island and Johnny expertly started a fire and grilled our catch and roasted some potatoes.  Captain Neville cut some coconut and we drank the coconut water and ate the meat, it was delicious.  We all got incredibly sunburnt despite major precautions.  We had a lazy rest of the day and then out for dinner where a wild dog fell in love with Julie.  The love was not reciprocated!  Julie insisted that the dog was rabid.  On day three, today, we went to Church and then to Blue Creek, where we went hiking and then floated around inside of a cave!  Julie, the nurse, was very concerned about someone’s  potential demise, but we all made it out safely.  We then had an awesome lunch, prepared by the wife of our guide.  We did some jumps into a river and Eileen and Julie and I had a little tour of the flora and fauna from our wonderful guide, Juan.  We left mid afternoon and stopped at a Bar to get Andrew, and others a Billiken Chocolate Stout, which was pretty good as far as Belizean Beer goes.  We came back, relaxed for a bit, took care of a smelly dead cat issue, and then went out to view a pretty incredible sunset!  We are hear now having some pizza and great conversation with family and Blaze and Niki and Haley.  It has been an awesome trip!  I love you all for reading Sarah’s  blog.


Paul Whitman


3 thoughts on “A Guest Blog from Paul Whitman

  1. sounds like a great time uncle chick! Tell the family we’ll miss them at this years super scooper, I’ll try to eat an unsavory amount this year in honor of your absence. Love you all!

  2. Dear Paul
    You are an amazing man. I have no doubt that if that shark came around you could have pulled him ashore and he would have ended up on the grill with the red snappers.

    Love Fran

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