I hate the circus…and other thoughts

Hey there, awesome people!  Thought I’d share a few recent updates on life with y’all.  No major reports…life is pretty splendid overall!

1. We’ve had some visitors from Drake University, in Iowa, for the past couple of days, and they’re a pretty lovely bunch.  This morning, I got to spend some time chatting out on the hammocks with Gretchen, and  it was really interesting to hear about her travels and her take on Belize.  She traveled to Brazil for a high school exchange program in 1970, and then returned last year to visit her host family!  How awesome that they kept in touch for over 40 years!

2.  I just met a delightful woman named Soraia, and she has been working on creating a recycling program in PG for the last several months.  We are thinking of working with her to complete an impact project that will promote recycling here, which is awesome!  She is a super sweet lady, and she’s also a motivational speaker (my secret dream job), so I kind of want to be her friend.  And PG desperately needs to start recycling…ideally before the recycling officer (aka Eileen Whitman) gets here!

3. I hate the circus.  The circus has been at PG last weekend and this weekend, and with it comes this horrendously irritating vehicle that drives around town with a speaker on top of it announcing “COME TO THE CIRCUS!  LLAMAS FROM PERU!  TIGERS FROM AFRICA! BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!”  I repeat, I hate the circus.  I will not patronize that ridiculous event.

4. I went for my third run in three days yesterday.  I’m on a streak.  It feels so good to have accomplished a workout once it’s over, but the actual running is brutal.  I was going for a five-runs/five-days streak, but I’m making no promises.

5.  I’ve officially made arrangements for my family to go to Blue Creek Cave for an adventure day while they’re here, and we are going to have a blast!  Can’t wait to see their smiling faces jumping off the tiny plane!

That’s all for now, folks!


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