Dreams of Chicken Parmesan and My Pregnant Friend Rachel. Also, fitness.

So my best friend since first grade, Rachel Sage Rouse, is having a baby this July!  This past Sunday was the surprise shower held by her mom, which my mom attended in my stead since I haven’t yet figured out how to teleport myself from other countries.  I’m so excited to become Auntie Sarah to Baby Rouse, and read to him (or her?) and spoil her (or him?) royally!  I guess I must have had beautiful Rachel…and also chicken parmesan, which I eat approximately once per year (weird) on my mind last night, which led to some entertaining dreaming!  Here’s what happened…

I flew home from Belize for Rachel’s surprise shower, but when I got to the event, I was informed that it had ended and that some of the ladies had gone to a local diner to continue the festivities (over crocks of cheesy French onion soup and pancakes, I guess?).  I realized that I was quite famished after my long journey, so I drove to the diner to meet everyone.  As I walked in, they were just finishing, but Rachel agreed to wait with me for a takeout order of chicken parmesan.  After a very long wait that had me a tad on edge, the chef himself called my name on a microphone, and I went back to get my order.  He gave me a sizable container of chicken parm and said, “Forty dollars!”  I looked at him and said, “Uuuum no way!  Forty dollars for an order of chicken parmesan?!  Do you know I could get a whole plate of rice, beans, and chicken in Belize for US $3?  Are you kidding me?”  He then informed me that I had ordered the “family portion” of chicken parm, which I most certainly had NOT.  I was quite frustrated, and the chef was clearly becoming annoyed.  We continued to argue until someone called his attention to the kitchen for a moment.  In very uncharacteristic fashion, I took the opportunity and bolted for the door, grabbing the hand of pregnant Rachel on my way.  We booked it outside and hopped into my car, and the whole experience gave me a crazy rush (which just goes to show how pathetically not rebellious I am.  I feel a thrill simply from dreaming about doing something wild…)!

When we got into the car, my brother Brian was sitting in the backseat (no clue how he got there…Hi, Bri!).  We drove off in a hurry, and about five seconds into our drive, Rachel looks at me and says, ” Oh crap, Sarah Eileen, it’s happening,” and she proceeds to go into labor!  At which point I woke up.  Overall, the timing of m wake up was probably for the best, but I’m kind of bummed that I didn’t get to find out whether Baby Rouse will be a boy or a girl.  I’m pretty sure that my dream would have presented the information with 100% accuracy!

And that was my strange dream.  Thank you to Rachel, the baby shower attendees, Brian, and the wide world of New Jersey diners, all of which contributed majorly to the entertaining nature of my sleep!  🙂

Rachel and my dear Mama!

So to change the subject entirely, guess what’s been happening at ProWorld this week?  One day recently, we were talking about the joys of daily exercise and how we would all do better with some daily fitness in our lives.  Thus was born ProWorld PG Fitness Hour!  We’re two days in, and getting stronger by the day!  Every day at 4 PM, we take a short hiatus from our work to engage in some sort of a workout.  This week, I have had the immense privilege of serving as the fitness instructor!  I have developed major, major new respect for people who deliver fitness classes.  It’s intimidating to come up with 45 minutes worth of cohesive, sweat-inducing motion!  Luckily, I thrive on yoga, kickboxing, and dance aerobics at home, so I’ve formulated a fusion of yoga and Pilates to keep everyone at PW PG working hard!  Perhaps one of the greatest compliments ever came from Nicole, who tells me that she likes my “fitness instructor voice.”  I’m pretty sure it’s the same voice I use to announce the hymns at church, and the same one that I would use if I were a Disney princess or a pilot.  🙂  Today, Akiesha received a big package of mail from her dad, including about ten magazines.  Some of these magazines have short workout plans in them, and I plan on adapting today’s session with their help.  Woot!

Other brief announcements:

1. I received my first real letter today, from….drumroll please…….Jayme Ewanichak!  Thank you, Jayme, for being awesome, and for writing to me in Spanish even though Belize is not really Spanish-speaking!  I love your gorgeous face!

2. Ever seen the movie “Elf,” and watched Buddy popping cotton balls into his mouth at the doctor’s office?  I felt like Buddy today when I tried an exotic and unusual fruit from the market called guaba.  The girls in the office call it bribri, and I had to do a pretty exhaustive Google search to find out the fruit’s real name, but it is indeed a guaba (not to be confused with “guaVa”).


3. Last night, I made my first attempt at cooking rice and beans.  I was off to an excellent start.  I soaked the beans for four hours and then boiled them for about 2.5 hours more with some garlic and onion.  They were smelling pretty delectable.  The trouble came when I added the coconut milk (I think I used about double what I should have) and the REAL trouble came when I burnt the rice.  I was using brown rice to keep things healthy, but I definitely burnt it to a carcinogen-tastic crisp.  I salvaged what I could in a plastic container, spent a full ten minutes scrubbing the blackness from the pot, and then went to bed.  Today, I tried to heat up some of my concoction for lunch, and it’s pretty much the most disgusting thing ever.  It’s going to have to go to the dogs, and for that, dear stray creatures, I am almost legitimately sorry.

4. In an act of extreme courage, I have begun to partake in a morning tea ritual.  I have decided that even in 500 degree weather,  life with tea is better than life without tea.  It’s a tough order, but I am officially up for the challenge!

5. Today, my coworkers and I performed a little skit we’d been preparing in which each of us dressed and spoke in the style of a certain Belizean cultural group.  We had the Creole representative, the Belizean American, the Molpan Maya, the Mestizo, the Garifuna…and, of course, me, the MENNONITE!  Perlina found me a Mennonite dress that fit so well that everyone in the office kept laughing at how convincing the whole thing was.  I will share some pictures sometime soon!



3 thoughts on “Dreams of Chicken Parmesan and My Pregnant Friend Rachel. Also, fitness.

  1. HI Sarah…Maybe you will become a midwife after your Rachel/Chick Parm dream. (Jayme will be proud of you!) I think Andrew should have been your get away driver since he’s always so insistent about CP at Maggianos.

  2. A recipe for perfect brown rice:
    2½ cups of water for each cup of dry rice.

    Put water and rice in pot (with a touch of salt, if you must). Boil uncovered for 5 minutes. Turn heat as low as possible and cover for 45 minutes. Do not peek. Turn off heat. Do not peek. Wait 10 minutes. Uncover, fluff with fork. Enjoy perfect brown rice.

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