Belize Needs Your Prayers…

Hello dear friends,

Yesterday was a sad day for some of my coworkers.  A local family in their village experienced a home invasion, motivated by unknown causes.  Two of my fellow ProWorld staffers live in a village about thirty minutes’ drive from PG town, and are friends with members of the victims and their extended family.  According to my coworkers, the victims of the home invasion were local church leaders with several children (nine, I believe), the youngest four of whom were still living at home.

When my coworkers told me there was a “home invasion,” I took it to mean that a robbery had occurred, but the situation is actually far more dire.  The invaders gained entrance to the family residence through an upper window and, according to one journalist’s update, “[the father] was chopped in his head; his wife…was chopped to her head and left wrist and their son…was chopped to his head, face, both hands, and back.”  The family members were apparently given initial treatment at the home, and then transferred to a hospital in Dangriga, and then to one in Belize City.

Many people in the villages of Toledo are related to each other, and this news was hard to hear for many who are either relatives or friends of the family.  According to my coworkers, the father who was attacked  has died and the mother has lost one of her hands.  No one knows what is the cause of the invasion, but apparently events like these aren’t entirely uncommon, and sometimes stem from small tiffs that have happened weeks, and even months, before.

While it’s a bit scary to know that such violence can happen in such proximity to where we are, more than anything it is so sad that people are treating each other this way, and that we haven’t realized that there are far more effective ways to resolve our differences.  I thank you all for the prayers that you can offer for this family as they adjust to some very major and difficult changes to the way in which they must live.

Thank you for caring about Belize.


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