Posted in June 2012

Sarah Whitman: Hitchhiker Extraordinaire

Hey there, lovely readers! Hope you’re enjoyed the guest postings by various members of the Whitman clan!  I’m writing from The Lazy Iguana, our bed and breakfast here at beautiful Caye Caulker.  This part of the week has definitely been more of the typical “vacation” that might come to mind when you think of Belize.  … Continue reading

A Guest Blog from the Lovely Julie!

Greetings, all.  Sarah here.  I know that the title of this blog implies that Julie will be authoring this entry, but first my disclaimer.  Any grammar issues or general irreverence or negativity are Julie’s.  🙂  And now, without further ado… Hello all, Julie here!  Belize it or not, I told Sarah to write that disclaimer..I … Continue reading

A Guest Blog from Paul Whitman

Hi This is Paul Whitman, the patriarch of the Whiman family.  How happy I am to be here with my beautiful wife Eileen and are four neat children.  I am truly a lucky man.  In our three days, we have done much!  The first day, we took a long beautiful boat ride across the Caribbean … Continue reading

The Whitmans are HERE!

Hey y’all! My family has arrived safely in PG, and we are thoroughly enjoying being together in this crazy and wonderful country of Belize!  My mom and dad, my sister Julie, and brothers Andrew and Brian arrived in PG via a small, Tropic Air plane at 6 PM on Thursday night.  It was so exciting … Continue reading

My Newly Green Thumb

I planted trees today, folks!  And I am officially going to plant a garden when I get home because planting trees is fun and therapeutic and a little messy, and I love it!  Today, the Denver nursing group, lovely intern Jamie, Akiesha, Perlina, Olivia, and I went with some of the SHI guys on an … Continue reading

This One Wild and Precious Life

So confession: I feel sad today.  I hate being down in the dumps because I feel like it either makes people think less of me, or destroys their picture of me as the always-happy-Sarah, or both.  But if I’m being honest, I’m being honest.  Today, I feel sad. I think it’s dawning on me that … Continue reading

Belizean Coconut Crusts – A How-To Guide

Imagine a flaky crust enveloping a cinnamon-sugar coconut mixture made from freshly grated coconut.  I’ll bet you can’t imagine it, and that’s why I’m sharing the secret recipe! I’ve heard them called coconut turnovers and coconut tarts, but the real name of my favorite Belizean treat is the coconut crust.  The recipe is really not … Continue reading

Our Snorkeling Adventure!

What an adventure-filled day we had today!  This morning, at 8:30 AM, Niki, Haley, Coi, Jamie and I met with our trusty guide, Roberto, for a day of snorkeling in the Snake Cayes off the coast of Punta Gorda.  We began our adventure last night, when we embarked on a quest to make authentic Belizean … Continue reading

One Day A Year Is Insufficient…

…when you have a dad as absolutely stellar as mine.  Today is Father’s Day, and I only wish I had the words to say how very much I love my dad, and how thankful I am for him.  I was looking over some old gratitude journal entries this morning, and I don’t go more than … Continue reading