Help out my awesome cousin Emily!


Dear Lovely Readers,

Just wanted to pass along a letter from my fabulous cousin Emily Lewis, who is planning a trip to the Dominican Republic this summer for the purpose of international mission work.  I know that finances are tight for many of us, so please don’t feel any obligation whatsoever to donate–I won’t even know if you do or you don’t!–but I wanted to spread the word about the great work that she will be doing.  Should you be in a position to provide support–financially or simply through your ever-so-powerful words of prayer–I know that she would be hugely grateful.  I’ve pasted her original letter below, but let me just add that Emily is truly one of the most stellar human beings I have the honor to know (and I know many stellar human beings!).  Please consider the cause for which she and her team will be working.

Thanks for giving this some thought!  If you’re interested and able to donate, you can simply go to this link: – and click on “Donate to student international missions.”  You’ll then see a clickable option for the Dominican Republic Summer ’12 trip.

Have a beautiful, beautiful day!



Emily’s letter:


Dear family and friends,

Hello! I hope you are doing well. I wish I could personally hear from you all about your lives and journeys but I realize that is not very realistic (But I would love to hear back from all of you if at all possible!).    Regardless, I’d like to give you an update about my life. This year I am finishing my junior year at the school I love, Messiah College. I am still studying engineering with a biomechanical concentration, and I am also still dating the handsome Bill Jones. This year has been very challenging course-load wise for me but I’m toughing it out, and learning a lot. Right now, I have 6 classes. Also adding to my load this semester was Relay for Life. This year I was one of the presidents of our campus’ chapter of Colleges Against Cancer and the most significant project we worked on throughout the year was organizing and planning Relay for Life. It was a LOT of work, but Relay happened on March 23rd this year and I am very happy with how it turned out. We raised almost 10,000 dollars and put together a fun and meaningful night. With only a few more weeks left of school I’m starting to get geared up for summer. I applied to a few internships but haven’t heard back yet so I’m just waiting to see what God has in store for me.

One thing I am doing this summer and the reason why I am writing is because this year from July 15th to July 29th I will be participating in a short term missions trip to the Dominican Republic with the organization Food for the Hungry. Food for the Hungry (FH) is a non-profit Christian organization that works in Latin American countries to “feed spiritual and physical hungers”. Messiah already has a recognized FH program in Bolivia, and is now looking to establish one in the Dominican Republic. That is where my team and I come in. This summer we will be going to the DR to research possible opportunities for Messiah students to develop in the future. The main area of FH’s focus in the DR is in childhood education so we will specifically be looking into working in that area. Because of the general pioneering nature of this trip, I unfortunately do not have many details but I am going to serve, to learn, and be open to the challenges and messages God will send me. We are praying that we can remain patient, and flexible to the insights and ideas that both the long-term FH staff and the Dominican people have to teach us.

Being my first time on not only a missions trip but also out of the country I could assuredly use support. I want you to know this is not a decision I take lightly and have chosen to prepare through prayer, weekly team meetings, by taking a Spanish class, and an elective class all about Service, Missions, and Social Change. I also put time into writing a grant to help our team out financially.

We would love to have your prayer support as our team prepares and travels to the Dominican Republic. We also need people that can support us financially in covering the cost of the trip. At this moment, we have a small team of four members, which adds to our challenges financially. Our individual fundraising goals are around $2000 per person by the beginning of June. It is a lot but together we know we can find the support we need.

My teammates and I are very grateful for any type of support you can offer us, especially prayers!

Thank you so much for reading this all and for being loving and supportive people in my life. And again, I would love to hear back from you if you ever have the chance!

You’ll all be in my prayers,




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