Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow…

…but really, tomorrow is my official day of departure for Punta Gorda, Belize!

The past week has been a tough one.  My beautiful Gram, after 89 years, passed away peacefully early this past Tuesday morning.  This past weekend, we celebrated her life with family and friends, and laughed and cried as we remembered the things we loved most about a truly incredible woman.  Today is Mother’s Day, which hasn’t been the easiest holiday to celebrate when a certain super awesome mother and grandmother is missing.  Luckily, although Grandmom P. is dancing up in heaven these days, I still have my beautiful Grandmom Whitman, the sweetest cherub of a grandmother that a girl could ask for.  There’s also, of course, my dearest friend and mom to beat all moms, Eileen Whitman, here with me.  I am so very blessed.

Starting tomorrow, or maybe Tuesday if the travel ends up being super exhausting, I’ll be writing to you from my bunkhouse overlooking the Caribbean Sea.  Until then, here are the siblings, parents, and grandparents I’ll be missing lots once I’m on my way!

Much love to you all!


I’m going to miss these crazies!


And of course I’ll miss the padres too!

I’m already excited to see Gram and Pop Whitman when I get back home in July!

I’ll never stop missing Grammy P. She may be gone from the earth, but never from my heart.


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