Posted in May 2012

Why does it have to be this way?

Hey there, lovely readers! Sorry for the dead air on my blog these past few days.  I’ve been having a mini-vacation in the city of San Ignacio, known locally as Cayo.  I have much to share about that experience, but I’ll write that post tomorrow.  First, I’d like to tell y’all about church last Sunday. … Continue reading

Wild Geese

Dear friends, Today was another hot day, and I let it laze away before me without much of a care.  I’m feeling a bit homesick today, somewhat for the climate that I’ve come to see as normal, but more for family and friends who are in my prayers but not before my eyes.  I went … Continue reading


Dear Readers, I would like to officially take back any prior complaints that I have made about the heat.  Little did I know that it had the capacity to get far, far more unbearable!  I feel like I am living inside of a sauna with no way out.  Today, I fell asleep on the hammock … Continue reading

Swimming Buddies!

Today, I FINALLY convinced two of the girls to come and swim in the Caribbean with me!  It was like pulling teeth, but I think the hot day finally made them say yes.  Noemi and Perlina, excellent sports that they are, put on my two extra bathing suits and, along with Andrea, the sous chef … Continue reading

Help out my awesome cousin Emily!

Dear Lovely Readers, Just wanted to pass along a letter from my fabulous cousin Emily Lewis, who is planning a trip to the Dominican Republic this summer for the purpose of international mission work.  I know that finances are tight for many of us, so please don’t feel any obligation whatsoever to donate–I won’t even … Continue reading

The Price Is Right: Belize!

[Before you start reading the below paragraph, please adopt the voice of the guy who announces everything on “Jeopardy.”  I believe his name is Johnny Gilbert. :-)] Greetings, all, and welcome to today’s episode of “The Price Is Right: Belize!”  I’m your host, Sarah, and today you’ll be guessing the prices of everyday household and … Continue reading

The Charms and Perils of Being Exotic

Howdy, folks! Apologies for the infrequency of my blogging.  Computer troubles are to blame.  My poor work laptop, a Dell that has shown me a fair bit of loyalty in the midst of serious road warrior conditions, just can’t seem to take the heat.  Right now, he’s in the hands of a repairman friend of … Continue reading

A cool poem about diversity…

Color Blind by Clever Black If all of us were color blind I know it’s then we would find That of the problems facing nations There’d not be one on race relations. The color of a fellow’s skin Is just on top, and very thin He’s really just the same down under, But how we … Continue reading