Hello world!

Greetings, beautiful readers!

I am approximately three weeks away from my departure for Belize, and hope that you’ll follow me as I see lovely places, meet fabulous people, and expand my knowledge of a new part of this ever intriguing world!

For those of you who already ventured to Cusco, Peru with me, welcome back!  And thank you times about 17,236 million for being the system of support that made my experience possible!  I relied heavily on your prayers and love when things were tough.  I hope to benefit similarly during my time in Punta Gorda!

Yes, indeedy, Punta Gorda (which translates to “fat point” in Spanish–gotta love it!) will be my place of residence from May 7th until July 18th.  I’ll be in the southernmost district of Belize, which is called Toledo, and the town of Punta Gorda is right on the Caribbean Sea.  “Right on” as in “wake up, walk onto the balcony of my bunkhouse, and see the water.”  Jealous?  Come and visit!

I will do my best to be slightly less wordy than I was in my blog about Peru (since some people–cough*Julie*cough*Whitman complained).  BUT I’m telling y’all right now that I’ll probably fail royally in this attempt.  I have decided, though, that I am going to give this blog a little more structure by following a little plan that I’ve made.  I’ve designated each day of the week with a special title that will help to guide my travels over the next three months, and I am pretty confident that it will keep you fine people entertained as well.

Since you’re all now dying to know what I’ll be doing with my days, here’s the master plan…

Sundays will be my “Domingos con Dios,” which pretty much means that I’ll spend the day with my my BFF Jesucristo!  Hopefully, I’ll be spending every day in Belize with God, but on Sundays, I’ll share my experiences attending the local church and finding reminders of Christ’s love and artistic mastery in my everyday life.

Monday has been tentatively deemed “Musical Monday.”  I just received the long-awaited guitar that I ordered a while ago, and assuming that my packing skills are up for the challenge, I’d like to make it my carry-on item!  On Mondays, I will share something new that I’ve learned on my blog, hopefully in the form of a video for your entertainment and comic amusement–most likely more of the latter!  I’m excited to become the next [insert most famous guitar player you know here].  🙂

Tuesdays will be “Tasty Tuesdays.”  I’m already scared to death of this day, but I’ve determined that every Tuesday, I will try some new and unusual Belizean food item.  Based on my travel dates, this means that I will be eating at least 11 strange food items, which means that I am a superhero.  Don’t get too excited, those of you who think I’ll be eating some nasty dairy product like cheese or milk or yogurt–this is HIGHLY unlikely.  But I will do my best to leave my comfort zone a tad bit, and perhaps encourage y’all to go and buy something a little different from the grocery store!

Wednesdays will be “Whimsical, Wordsworthian Wednesdays,” in which I will share with y’all some little tidbit of verse…perhaps a quote from my beloved Mary Oliver, or some musical lyrics, or a psalm…something that I hope will inspire your day and inspire mine!

Thursdays will be “Thankful Thursdays.”  As per my New Year’s Resolution 2012, I have been writing in a gratitude journal every night of this year, and I will continue the practice while in Belize.  For those of you looking for a way to be reminded of your blessings, I highly recommend this practice!  It has been very helpful to me, and it’s so neat to go back through days past and remember things that you were thankful for weeks and months before!  On Thursdays, I’ll share my thankfulness list with all of you!

Friday = “Four Things Friday.”  I’ll share four “things”–lessons, ideas, thoughts, etc.–that have defined the week.  I had a professor in graduate school who often finished his class sessions by asking my peers and me to sum up what we’d learned in the last hour and a half in three “points.”  He called them “Grandma’s points” because he wanted us to envision ourselves going home to a grandmother and answering her questions as to what we had learned that day.  My “Four Points Friday” will hopefully serve a similar purpose.

Saturday will be “Sketchy Saturday.”  Not because I’ll be following creepy people around Punta Gorda (though, as my Spain amigas know, I have been known for such things in other countries…).  Actually, though, I will do something artistic every Saturday–a sketch, perchance, or a sculpture, or a sandcastle…something to make the creative juices flow.  And I’ll share it, in photo form, with all of you!

So that’s my plan.  Hope we’re all on board!  I’ll write again soon!

BELIZE YOU ME, we shall have a grand time of it!



5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. you have ALREADY failed miserably and shortening the blog..luckily, I love you anyway. But seriously..keep it simple sister.

  2. Sarah I love this! I’m imagining if I actually did theme days each week how much more productive, creative, thankful etc etc.
    You ought to consider taking up writing for real…you have a gift. Love and prayers, +Deb

  3. So are you going to blog everyday? or just whenever you feel like blogging you will follow the “day subject” that is falls on? just curious

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